Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Divine Money Activation Facebook Group where individuals who want to connect with all things manifestation, spirituality, metaphysics, mindset, Money, Law of Attraction etc.


I want to implement a few rules to make this group as high vibe as possible… as that’s the biggest intention. Please respect the rules just as you would respect someone else’s house rules when you are in their home 

  1.  BE KIND, POSITIVE & UPLIFTING. No negative nancies, bullies, or rude babes will be tolerated in this space
  2.  Please SHARE VALUE that you have to give. If you have tips, tricks, and awesome stories, we want to hear all about it. This is a COMMUNITY above all.
  3.  Stay on Topic. While we like to have fun remember what this Group is About. Uplifting your Vibration around Success and Personal Empowerment.
  4.  Please introduce yourself when you join, WITH A PICTURE IF YOU CAN. We want to hear all about you!

*MONDAY – Mindset, Create the Results you Want to See this Week
*TUESDAY – Dare to take action!
*WEDNESDAY – The Weekend is Almost Here, Tell Us How It’s Going
*THURSDAY- What are you thirsty for? Whose thirst can YOU quench with your knowledge? Share IT!
*Fan Friday- SHOUTOUT to Who or What is rocking your world.
*SELF-CARE SATURDAY- What are you up to in taking care of YOU?
*SOULFUL SUNDAY- How are you getting in alignment for the week ahead? Share..

We are all about abundance, joy, and grace in this group.

I Believe in YOU. Let’s DO this!!